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Xbox One Games to Anticipate in 2014

videogamesThe new Xbox console, Xbox One, has just been released. With the limited number of games out with the release, Microsoft has already promised that there are many more games being developed to keep the gamers happy. Based on a recent video game trailer that Microsoft put out to entice consumers to purchase the new console, we have fifteen anticipated titles that should be released for the new Xbox one within the two next years.

  1. Halo – the trailer for this was leaked at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Microsoft has stated that the plot will not be revealed yet, but it is a sequel to Halo 4 but better.
  2. Watch Dogs – In a futuristic city run by an ominous network, a former thug turned hacker finds a way to control the network with his cell phone to get what he wants.
  3. The Division – This Beast Selling Novel by Tom Clancy has been turned into a shooting game.
  4. Quantum Break – A video game that shapes a television show, which will shape the way you play the game. A new way to combine entertainment.
  5. Sunset Overdrive – the city is taken over by mutants and you must fight to save the day.
  6. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare – Instead of the grid like first game where you shoot down rows to fight off zombies, you can chose to be a plant or a zombie and run around helping your team mates shoot off the opposing teams with various weapons.
  7. Kinect Sports Rivals – Play sports with internet opponents and become as competitive as you would be on a real field.
  8. Project Spark – A blank canvas where the player can build and create anything that they can imagine.
  9. UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship – Where you play as popular UFC Champions for the title.
  10. Final Fantasy XV – Prince Noctis and his allies have to battle Niflheim to defend their home. homeland.
  11. The Elder Scrolls Online – This popular role playing game goes online so that you can interact with friends and strangers without leaving your home.
  12. Kingdom Hearts III – third installment of the Disney video game full of beloved characters where the characters search for the seven guardians of light.
  13. Dying Light – Based in a nightmare type world, your character has to survive hardships and save the light from the dark.
  14. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – short plot lines, fantasy role play, and an open world all allow for this unique game to captivate players.
  15. Titanfall – You play as a heavily armored titan that is fighting in the future for freedom.

These highly anticipated game titles will have people who have bought the Xbox One stand by their decision and eagerly awaiting the release dates of these video games.