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Top 12 Video Games of All Time

video gamesVideo games have been part of our culture for several decades. For true enthusiasts, we are well aware of the most popular options to grace our TV screens. If you are new to the gaming world—or are a veteran who would appreciate a trip down memory lane—check out these top 12 video games of all times.  Continue reading →

The History of Pac-Man

pac manSince the invention of video games, many favorites have captured our attention. Some games are noted for their graphics, others for their ground-breaking technology. However, some are famous because of their longevity and simplistic popularity.

Pac-Man is one of the greats. Continue reading →

Is Online Cornhole Better than Backyard Cornhole?

online cornholeI love cornhole. There really is no reason to deny that fact. I mean, there are plenty of other things I could be addicted to. At least this obsession comes with a little fresh air.

I have customized cornhole boards and bags. I play in my backyard, at outdoor parties, in tournaments, and at tailgating parties. There is only one thing that occasionally comes between me and my passion—inclement weather.

Fortunately (or so I thought), I found a rainy weather alternative—online cornhole. But it is really as great as I thought it would be? Continue reading →

Remember the Game Boy?

game boyVideo games are the pinnacle of modern day entertainment. You cannot enter any multi-provisional store without being accosted by the phenomenon that is game play and gamerdom. In fact, even the malls are inundated with large placards and video screens advertising what’s new and upcoming. Gaming has become its own culture and as such has garnered the type of following that requires its adherents to preorder and pay exorbitant prices for future released systems and the games they’ll ultimately share. Continue reading →

New Releases

ps4While 2014 may be coming to a close in a matter of a few months, that doesn’t mean gamers are even slightly deterred. In fact, the number of up and coming games seems to rapidly increase as the year moves towards its end. So, with that thought in mind we’d like to get you up to date with the most currently, and soon to be, released games for the various “new” systems, as heaven knows there’ll be more systems released around Christmas, just like every other year. Continue reading →

Video Games Can Earn You More than Leveling Experience

wii exercise weight lossEven though more and more people are jumping on the trend of videogames, there’s still some amount of stigma for those who enjoy games more serious than Angry Birds.

It seems that often times, people are willing to point out that gamer-health and nutrition is limited to the cheese dust on our keyboards and the empty cans of Mountain Dew collecting around our ankles. Continue reading →

3 Highly Anticipated Games of 2014

10256694493_41097c7f93It seems like every year dozens of new video games are released, and then at the end of every year the promises for all-new games start. As anxiety builds, teaser trailers and screen shots get leaked, and players everywhere are left to wonder when they’ll finally get to play the game they’ve been hearing about. The following are three games along with their anticipated release dates that you’ll probably be hearing a lot about in the coming days. Continue reading →

Xbox 360: Recent Games Still Got It

7231490348_7ed7316d55As it happens, 2013 was a big year for the Xbox. Naturally the production and release of the Xbox One overshadowed plenty of achievements that Microsoft has unlocked in the past couple of years as far as innovative and entertaining games go. Since 2013 has come and gone with games like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassin’s Creed XVII or something, I think it’s time to look back on how far we’ve come along on the Xbox 360′s best games, starting from the ancient time of 2010. Continue reading →

3 of the PS3′s Top Games from 2013

280756043_ac40e7be4aThere are plenty of ways to celebrate a new year in gaming, among them looking back through your stash and playing some of your favorite games in preparation for what 2014 will bring you. Of course every years dozens of games are released across multiple platforms, and there are even new consoles being released. Who could forget the hype of the Xbox One? But if you were like millions of gamers who were content to keep playing on the PS3 instead of jumping on the bandwagon, you probably played, or at least heard good reviews about, the following three games. Continue reading →

Xbox One Games to Anticipate in 2014

videogamesThe new Xbox console, Xbox One, has just been released. With the limited number of games out with the release, Microsoft has already promised that there are many more games being developed to keep the gamers happy. Based on a recent video game trailer that Microsoft put out to entice consumers to purchase the new console, we have fifteen anticipated titles that should be released for the new Xbox one within the two next years. Continue reading →

Best Multiplayer Videogames of 2013

ps3problemsThe holidays bring family and friends together for food, but also to make memories together. Video game companies have released many multiplayer games so that friends and families can interact and stay active when it is too cold outside to play sports. There are many different types of multiplayer video games, so we chose six vastly different games so that there is a little something for everyone including grandpa. Continue reading →

Video Games for Children

playstation3_controllerEvery parent wants to be able to give their children what they want if they can. The problem with video games is that parents may not know what the game consists of based on a cover and brief description. We take the guess work out of buying video games for your children by giving you four examples of popular video games that you and your children will both enjoy. Continue reading →

The XBOX ONE: An All in One Entertainment System


Said to release in Late November, 2013, the XBOX One is the latest and greatest edition the Microsoft Gaming line. It will directly compete with Sony’s Playstation 4 and Nintendo’s WII U as part of the 8th generation of video game consoles.  Pegged as an “all in one entertainment system,” it is also being compared to the Apple TV and Google TV platform. Continue reading →

The Most Anticipated Games of 2013

2013 has been a huge year for video gamers. Consoles have come a long way in accommodating any kind of gamer. Kids may be more inclined to want to play the WII and any of its updated versions, but the XBOX Kinect is not to be overlooked for the little ones. Bigger teens and adult gamers can also appreciate the WII fits and the XBOX Kinect interactive consoles as well. There are work-out games, snowboarding options, yoga, dancing, and so many more options. The console is the just the basis video gamesfor epic game play. I am about to bring you the most anticipated games of 2013. Continue reading →

Deadpool – A Review

Deadpool Screenshot 1

Marvel’s popular Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, now has his own self-aware videogame. As a side note, Ryan Reynolds played the FOX version of the character in 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. The game itself is very user friendly, but is it everyone’s cup of tea? Judging by the many below average to average reviews the game has gotten thus far, it’s safe to assume it isn’t. Continue reading →

State of Decay: Microsoft’s Answer to the PS3’s The Last of Us

State of Decay BoxartIf you’re any type of gamer at all, then you should already know about State of Decay. It’s an Xbox 360-exclusive that has broken sales records! Released on June 5th, this open-world, third-person zombie RPG is now considered to be the fastest-selling original Xbox Live Arcade title – bar none. It tries its best to be as realistic as possible, but try not to expect ultra-realism; it’s just a game after all. Continue reading →